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We had 102 people (including 68 classmates) participate in
our reunion weekend, June 24th thru June 26th:

Sue Basel Knobloch — Gwen Berger Boyce — Tom Boyce
John Bermingham — Kathy Binder Sohm —
Bruce Bradley
Claude Collins — Larry Davis — Mark Darneider
Pat Demler Zweiger
— Mike Zweiger — Mike Dempsey
Pamela Drexler Audette
— Roseann Drexler Raupp — Terry Raupp
Pattie Elsinger Dorn — Mary Engler Nelson — Jim Esselman
Jack Eyers — Bridget Fitzgerald Lewellyn — Ray Lewellyn

Steve J Frank — Steve L Frank — Kay Gagnon Lapin
Art Hill Pam Hoeft Siehr — Jeff Johnson
Sally Kellerman Wienke — Mary Jo Kempinger Anderson
Carol Kerrigan Hillman — Mary Kerrigan Buttke
Dave Kersztyn Barb Kosup Kersztyn
Stan Kotschi Russ Kuklinksi — Sue Pucci Kuklinski
Dick Lain Terre Luedtke Jackson-Barksdale
Trish Marsh — Kaye Metzler Solomon
Mary E Miller Felton — Patty Muza Lorfeld
Richard Nebel — Charles A Nigl — Mike O'Conner
Jenny Phillip Mary Pickart Polishinski
Mark Pfeiffer
Maggie Phair Butts Don Potter
Jay Puestohl — Steve Ryan
Craig Sams
Chris Simons Matsche — Kareen Sitter Romelle Smith Witkins
Bernie Seckar Stadtmueller
John Stadtmueller
Tom Thompson — Gary Troxell — Tom Wilber
LeaAnn Welle Miller
— Patricia Westover Briney
Steve Wissink — Hank Weyers
Kathy Zentner Berger — Elli Zimmerman Wollangk



or — for something more retro...




In 1970: Bro's Robert, Patrick, Thomas, James, Laurence, Bernard
After Lourdes, Brother James Roszak continued with his own education
and, among other things, served as Principal at Pacelli High School
in Stevens Point. (Photo from Pacelli High School circa 1987)
At last word, he still functioned in a part-time capacity at
Christian Brothers University in Memphis
as Adjunct Assistant Professor of English.
Even as a disciplinarian he was prone to a literary flair;
during one episode he had a certain classmate write
one-hundred times on the blackboard that
"certain penal codes have been proven essential to
a proper balance in a well-ordered society".
The exercise made a lasting impression, and probably
saved the young man from a life of ruin.

Sally Brost & Joan Haven....Uniform Hoisting 'Ceremony' (1970)

Bill Moore, Dick Lain, Craig Sams, Jim Esselman, Chuck Nigl (1968)

From Arvada, Colorado - Bernie & John!
Mark Pfeiffer says this photo looks like
'some generic old guy'....with a super
hot bike like this? Hardly.

Here's a 'little' project Dave Courtois is working on...
Dave is a naval architect/engineer/project manager at
a shipyard on the San Francisco Bay. These two ships
are undergoing a cleaning out before being scrapped.
Dave couldn't make the reunion but he sends
a friendly "hello" to everyone.


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